My Life Story is a touching documentary about your loved ones life. Toby Brusseau Productions brings you a first hand look at capturing the special moments of someone close to you and your family. See how these moments will live on forever with simple access to the internet. No more lost stories from out of date recordings or scratched DVD's that no longer play. My Life Story is a professional production which can be easily sent to everyone for their viewing pleasure.

Working closely with our team, you will help produce the story providing photographs, videos, and questions to be used during an interview at a desired time and location. The video team will then film and interview your loved one. After this process, the editors will splice together a story to ensure generations to come will be able to look back and enjoy.

How much you want to be involved is up to you. This can be an involved process or hands off. The choice is yours.  

Please see the example of the My Life Story of The Espys below.

For inquiries, booking, and pricing information, please see below:

Pricing for a My Life Story Production starts at $2,000 and depends on several factors. 

My Life Stories are booked out several months in advance, so please plan accordingly. 

To BOOK, Contact Toby Brusseau Productions.