Rocketman - Mad Mike’s Mission to Prove the Flat-Earth is a documentary about an aging daredevil named ‘Mad Mike’ Hughes. Making headlines around the globe, Hughes decides to launch himself in a homemade rocket on a mad mission to prove the Earth is flat in this hilarious documentary that chronicles his journey to lift off.

It all started when…

Director/Producer Toby Brusseau was searching the web and came across an article about a flat-Earther who was launching himself in a homemade rocket to prove the Earth was flat. It gave him a chance to produce something similar to one of his favorite Chris Smith documentaries, American Movie. He made some calls, partnered with long-time collaborator Michael Linn, and one month later they were filming ‘Mad Mike’ Hughes and friends in the California Desert.

Check out the website for more information: www.RealRocketman.com